// a god-awful small affair.

everybody walk the dinosaur
1 March 1987


Down below, down below
Sat the Devil talking to his son
Who wanted to go up above, up above.
He cried, "It's getting too warm for me down here and so
I'm going up on Earth where I can have a little fun."
The Devil simply shook his head and answered his son,

"Stay down here where you belong.
The folks who live above you don't know right from wrong.
To please their kings they've all gone out to war
And not a one of them knows what he's fighting for.

Way up above they say that I'm a devil and I'm bad,
Kings up there are bigger devils than your dad.
They're breaking the hearts of mothers, making butchers out of brothers;
You'll find more hell up there than there is down below.

Although it's warm down below, you'll find it's warmer up there.
If e'er you went up there, my son, I know you'd be surprised.
You'd find a lot of people who are not civilized."

--Irving Berlin
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